Spring FlowersSpring is here—the beautiful time of year when flowers bloom and allergies emerge for their seasonal attack. Runny noses, congestion, sneeze after sneeze after sneeze, itchy eyes, itchy noses and itchy throats all tell those who suffer from seasonal allergies just what time of year it is, without even a glance at the calendar. As you enter into the springtime battle of perfect weather and impossible symptoms, here are some seasonal allergy tips to help you in your fight.

  1. Ditch ‘Em at the Door. When you arrive home, leave your shoes by the door in order to avoid dragging allergens everywhere you walk inside. Also be sure to make a quick change from the clothes you wore outside which are likely covered in pollen as well.
  2. Clean Hair, Clean Air. Showering off and scrubbing your hair before you go to bed each evening will be a huge help. Washing your hair will get rid of any excess allergens that got stuck in your hair throughout the day, and more importantly will keep those allergens off your pillow. Pollen collecting on your pillow is straight shot towards a stuffy nose in the morning.
  3. Closed-Window Policy. While it’s wonderful and relaxing to leave doors and windows open on sunny and 75 degree days, this might be a luxury the allergy-prone should abstain from. The less pollen and allergens that make their way into your house, the better.
  4. Wind is Not Your Friend. Wind may not be your friend, but the weather forecast is. Stay up to date with the weather each day, and avoid spending time outdoors on dry, windy days. The aftermath of a rainy day is your best bet for spending time outside because a great deal of pollen will have been cleared from the air.
  5. Let’s Talk Strategy. As previously mentioned, weather forecasts are immensely helpful, especially the pollen count forecasts and current pollen levels. Strategically plan outdoor outings during the late afternoon or evening when pollen counts are not as high. It’s also important to strategically avoid yard work or other outdoor physical activity that could potentially fire up your allergies during this time of year. If these activities are unavoidable then consider wearing a filter mask during your time outside.
  6. Ease and Relieve. Head to your local drugstore and try out a few new symptom relievers if your go-to meds aren’t doing the trick this year. Speaking of tricks, gargling salt water once or twice a day during allergy season is also a great way to help ease your congestion or scratchy throat.

Don’t let seasonal allergies keep you from enjoying spring!


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