Patient Services


Our Urgent Care Clinics Offer Immediate Medical Treatment for Children, Adults and Seniors

Our experienced staff will help with your immediate, non-life threatening medical needs in a timely manner. We treat illnesses and injuries and have capabilities for diagnostics and lab services.

We treat all ages and are ready to provide rapid evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of a variety of illnesses. And, we are set up to e-prescribe your prescription to a local pharmacy to help you get home faster and get better! We can help with a variety of illnesses, such as:

Urgent Care Provider
  • =Abdominal Pain, Mild
  • =Allergic Reactions
  • =Allergies illness Treatment
  • =Arthritis
  • =Asthma
  • =Bronchitis
  • =Cold/Cough
  • =Ear Infections/Wax Removal
  • =Eye Infections/Pink Eye
  • =Fever
  • =Flu
  • =Headaches
  • =Hemorrhoids
  • =Nausea/Vomiting/Diarrhea
  • =Pneumonia
  • =Rashes/Skin Conditions
  • =Sinus Infections
  • =Sore Throat/Strep
  • =Urinary Tract/Bladder Infections


Our staff has the expertise and equipment to treat a variety of non-life or limb-threatening injuries at a significantly lower cost than local emergency departments. We have on-site digital x-ray, and will provide you with any needed supportive appliances such as crutches, slings, splints, etc. We can help with a variety of injuries, such as:
  • =Animal/Insect Bites/Stings
  • =Back Pain
  • =Boils/Abscesses
  • =Broken Bones
  • =Burns
  • =Cuts/Abrasions
  • =Eye/Ear Injuries
  • =Fingernail Injuries
  • =Foreign Object/Splinter Removal
  • =Fractures/Dislocations
  • =Lacerations
  • =Muscle Injuries
  • =Open Wounds
  • =Sports Injuries
  • =Sprains/Strains
  • =Suture Removal
  • =Wound Care

X-Ray and Radiology Services

We provide high quality x-ray and radiology services.
  • =State-of-the-art X-ray Technology
  • =Images provided on a CD

Sports Physicals

We are currently offering $35 Sports/Camp physicals at both of our clinic locations for k-12th grade only. For helpful links, please see below:

Our clinics welcome patients on a walk-in, no appointment needed basis. For those that would prefer to make an appointment, please contact us for a time. Either way, we’re here when you need us!

To save time, you are welcome to download and fill out the necessary intake forms HERE. or click the below button to download the form.