Box of tissues Spring is in the air…and unfortunately so is pollen, dust, mold, cedar and other respiratory irritants. Allergic rhinitis is the technical term for allergy flare ups and it can be both and intermittent or a year-round problem. Most people have some type of allergic response to at least a few things, but this time of the year is notorious for wreaking havoc for millions of allergy sufferers.

Over-the-Counter (OTC) Treatments

The allergy care aisles at your local pharmacy are filled with brand after brand of medications promising relief. They essentially all boil down to a few choices. Antihistamines are the mainstay of OTC treatments. These help to block the organic compound histamine that your body produces to protect itself. You can think of these sinus attacks as mini overreactions by your body’s immune system. Other treatments like saline nasal sprays or Neti Pots aim to flush the allergens out of your nasal passages. These are usually not well tolerated.
Finally, there is a new OTC treatment available that has been used by prescription for years. Nasacort has become available OTC and suppresses the same allergic response earlier in the process.

Natural Allergy Remedies

The recent trend toward organics and naturopathic approaches offer many, many possible treatments. There is already a wealth of knowledge out there. The basics of it is still the same but these remedies use naturally occurring substances instead of synthetic medications to ease your allergy pains. HERE is an article that covers a long list of non-pharmaceutical interventions.

When All Else Fails

And, of course, there are traditional medical treatments. Medically we also use antihistamines, but corticosteroids, antileukotrienes are our weapons of choice. Sometimes regular injections are needed to help your body cope with the allergens that bombard you. Also, beware because prolonged issues with nasal allergies can sometimes lead to sinus infections which may need stronger treatment.
At Rockwall Urgent Care, we are here to serve your needs and if need be, treat those pesky allergies. You don’t need an appointment, so put an end to your suffering and drop by today!

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