A Profile of Hayward Johnson, PA-C at Rockwall and Royse City Urgent Care

Hayward Johnson, PA-CAs a marketing person new to the medical world, I once called Hayward Johnson to ask whether he could see a patient ahead of others who were waiting. “The daughter-in-law of a good friend of mine has a rash and needs to be treated right away. Can you bump her up in the line?”

“No, I don’t show anyone preferential treatment. I don’t care if the Queen of England walks through our doors. Unless she has a dire medical emergency, I’ll see her when her turn comes.”

That response told me just about everything I needed to know about Hayward Johnson, PA-C, Lead Provider and Practice Manager at Rockwall Urgent Care—namely that he values integrity.

Hayward came from an ER background and notes that the fast-track part of the ER is similar to urgent care. He has been with Rockwall Urgent Care for ten years.

Though his days are almost always fast-paced, he still gets excited to go to work, primarily because of the degree of autonomy given him as a provider. The trust shown him is clearly warranted.

Johnson said his favorite things about working at Rockwall Urgent Care and Royse City Urgent Care are the family atmosphere, the friendships he’s made with fellow staff members and patients, and how much the employees care about their patients. That caring goes both ways. I hear from people all over the area about how highly they think of Hayward. One friend who spoke on the condition of anonymity said he always tries to schedule non-urgent visits to the clinic on days when Hayward is working.

And, speaking of that, what does Hayward think about the clinics’ contributions in the Rockwall, Heath, Royse City and Fate areas? We have played an important role in this community since we opened in 2010. We’ve offered free or reduced-rate athletic physicals, we’ve supported Rockwall-area students through donations to school groups, and we’ve supported local non-profit groups through food and toy drives. “It’s great to serve an appreciative community,” says Hayward.

Naturally, COVID-19 continues to be on nearly everyone’s minds. Hayward had this to say about the clinics’ role, “Through our testing and evaluation of COVID, we should be able to help our community adapt to a new normal.”

Personally speaking, Hayward cannot contain his pride in his family, nor should he. “My wife is a special education teacher, and both sons are in the Army National Guard. My oldest son is a personal trainer and a professional dancer/instructor. And my youngest son has a degree in chemistry and biology and works as a clinical lab scientist. He plans on attending medical school.”

Both Rockwall Urgent Care and Royse City Urgent Care are fortunate to have Hayward Johnson, PA-C, as a valuable part of their provider team.

By Leslie Wilson, Marketing Director, Rockwall Urgent Care

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