Camp SweeneyCamp Sweeney is one of few camps in the country designed specifically for kids with diabetes. The only requirement to attend is that a camper has diabetes or is at risk of developing diabetes.

Camp Sweeney is built upon four ideals that campers and staff alike strive to achieve: Normalization, Self Confidence, Self-Esteem and Friendship & Service

Camp Sweeney has served more than 30,000 campers since 1950. Many entered Camp Sweeney at age 5 and attended every summer through age 18. Some have returned as counselors. And some are even sending their own kids to Camp Sweeney.

Camp Sweeney, it seems, is more a family than a camp. Normalization is crucial in developing a treatment regimen for any child with diabetes. Diabetes management skills are learned here and become a normal part of daily life. Campers learn to plan healthy meals and regulate insulin. They learn exercise programs and medical management skills. With help from physician and counselors, campers are taught to independently manage their diabetes with habits that help combat long-term effects of type I diabetes. Independent research studies show that Camp Sweeney improves both the short-term and long-term prognoses for children with diabetes.

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